Alice Ruzicka, Ph.D., ABN, FACPN

Licensed Psychologist PSY 13284


The neuropsychological assessment is multidimensional.  In order to determine how to assist a client, I take a complete history, including gathering information from others who know the client well, and, when working with a child, sometimes observing the student in the classroom.

I consult with parents, families, physicians, schools, and individuals in order to help answer questions that have been raised about an individual’s functioning with regard to school performance, learning, behavior, social skills,  behavior, developmental disorders, need for services and treatment and/or appropriate accommodations for tests or for other needs in school or in the workplace.

The assessment is conducted using a variety of neuropsychological and educational tests to identify the client’s areas of strength and weakness.  Clinical observations are as important as the results of the standardized tests.  I use the results to understand the person’s needs and to properly diagnose any learning disabilities or other impairments.  I then create a treatment plan tailored to the individual’s specific needs.  Such treatment might include cognitive rehabilitation, behavior management, psychotherapy, speech or language therapy, occupational therapy, or assistance by a learning specialist.  I prepare a written report and discuss all findings and recommendations with the client, or with the family if the client is a minor.

Many people call themselves neuropsychologists but have only taken limited courses and have not had proper supervision to understand the neuropsychological process.   In choosing a psychologist to assess your child or yourself, make sure the psychologist is qualified through education and experience.  A clinical neuropsychologist is a doctoral level licensed psychologist who has completed a doctoral or post-doctoral program in neuropsychology, including at least two years of supervised experience and has demonstrated their knowledge regarding brain/behavior relationships.  The psychologist is then eligible to join associations specifically designed for the ongoing educational needs of people in the field of neuropsychology.  A board-certified neuropsychologist has passed Board Exams  and has been judged by peers to be knowledgeable in the broad area of neuropsychology.  Dr. Ruzicka  has passed exams for the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology.

​The neuropsychological assessment examines functioning in the following areas:

•  Attention   
•  Learning
•  Memory
•  Executive Functioning
•  General Intelligence
•  Sensory and Tactual
•  Reasoning and Problem Solving
•  Spatial Planning and Organization
•  Fine Motor Skills
•  Processing Speed
•  Social Communication
•  Emotion and Behavior