Alice Ruzicka, Ph.D., ABN, FACPN

Licensed Psychologist PSY 13284


Typically children are referred for an

assessment when they are struggling in

school with reading, writing, math,

spelling, general learning, or social


If learning problems exist it is important

to understand them and to treat them

as early as possible in order to prevent 

secondary problems of poor self esteem, school underachievement, or school failure.  An early assessment can lead to interventions that maximize a child’s potential and improve his or her attitude toward school by identify the best methods for tutoring or the need for other services either at school or in the community.


The purpose of the neuropsychological assessment is to answer the questions that have been posed by individuals or their physicians, whether it is to diagnose possible learning disabilities and to recommend appropriate therapies, to diagnose ADHD in children or adults, cognitive decline in older patients, or to examine other possible impairments.  

The neuropsychological assessment is multidimensional. In order to determine how to assist a client, I take a complete history, which includes gathering information from others who know the client.  When working with a child, I often also observe the child in the classroom.  It is very helpful to work collaboratively with school personnel and I make every effort to assist the teacher as well as the parents and other professionals with whom the child works.

The assessment includes administration of a variety of neuropsychological and educational tests to identify strengths and weaknesses and I use the results to understand the individual’s processing and to properly diagnose if a diagnosis is warranted.  I then create a treatment plan tailored to the individual’s specific needs.  Such treatment might include cognitive rehabilitation, behavior management, psychotherapy, speech or language therapy, occupational therapy, or assistance by a learning specialist as well as assistance in community programs.  A thorough report is written and is discussed with the client(s).